You asked: How do I comment out code in Linux?

How do you comment on Linux?

Commenting Multiple Lines

  1. First, press ESC.
  2. Go to the line from which you want to start commenting. …
  3. use the down arrow to select multiple lines that you want to comment.
  4. Now, press SHIFT + I to enable insert mode.
  5. Press # and it will add a comment to the first line.

How do you comment out a block of code in Linux?

You start your editor, navigate down to the beginning row of the block you want to comment out. You hit i to go into insert mode, enter // to comment, hit ESC to go back to command mode, hit j to navigate down to the next row, and then repeat until all the rows are commented out.

How do I comment out a script in Linux?

Comments can be added at the beginning on the line or inline with other code:

  1. # This is a Bash comment. …
  2. # if [[ $VAR -gt 10 ]]; then # echo “Variable is greater than 10.” # fi.
  3. # This is the first line. …
  4. << ‘MULTILINE-COMMENT’ Everything inside the HereDoc body is a multiline comment MULTILINE-COMMENT.
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How do you comment out code?

Commenting out code

  1. In the C/C++ editor, select multiple line(s) of code to comment out.
  2. To comment out multiple code lines right-click and select Source > Add Block Comment. ( CTRL+SHIFT+/ )
  3. To uncomment multiple code lines right-click and select Source > Remove Block Comment. ( CTRL+SHIFT+ )

How do you comment in Unix?

A single-line comment starts with hashtag symbol with no white spaces (#) and lasts till the end of the line. If the comment exceeds one line then put a hashtag on the next line and continue the comment. The shell script is commented out prefixing # character for single-line comment.

How do you comment out a block of code in Shell?

In Shell or Bash shell, we can comment on multiple lines using << and name of comment. we start a comment block with << and name anything to the block and wherever we want to stop the comment, we will simply type the name of the comment.

How do you comment out a block of code in Python?

To comment out a block of code in IDLE, we have to first select the line and then press the key combination ctrl+D. This will comment out the selected lines of code as shown below. To uncomment the lines of code, we just have to select the lines and then press ctrl+shift+d . This will uncomment the selected lines.

How do I comment out a VIM code?

To comment out a single line in Vim, enter Visual Mode by pressing Ctrl + V . Next, navigate to the line you wish to comment out and press the C key. Depending on your Vim configuration, this should comment out the selected line. That’s all there is to it – easy, isn’t it?

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How do I comment in config file?

To enter comments in a configuration file, use a comment character and enter the comment text anywhere to the right of the comment character on the same line. Valid comment characters are a semicolon (;), a pound sign (#), or two hyphens (–).

How do you comment a line in crontab?

Use a comment mark (#) at the beginning of a line to indicate a comment or a blank line.