How do I view PDF files in Ubuntu?

Does Ubuntu come with a PDF viewer?

Evince is the default PDF viewer in Ubuntu / Debian systems. It’s a lightweight and simple PDF reader tailored for the GNOME environment.

How do I view a PDF in Linux?

You can use the following commands to open PDF file in Linux:

  1. evince command – GNOME document viewer. It.
  2. xdg-open command – xdg-open opens a file or URL in the user’s preferred application.

What is the default PDF viewer on Ubuntu?

Evince is the default document viewer for PDF (Portable Document Format) and PostScript files but can also display other formats, such as images.

How do I open a PDF in Ubuntu terminal?

If you want to view PDF within Terminal (Command Line Interface), try to use zathura . Install Zathura sudo apt-get install zathura -y .

How do I change my default PDF viewer in Ubuntu?

Right click on the pdf file, then select Properties . In the Properties window, select the Open With tab. Find Acrobat Reader in the list of applications and select it, then press the button that says Set as Default . That should do it!

How do I open a pdf file in Unix?

To view a pdf without opening the file manager, you can use the -v option like this: mc -v file.

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How do I install document viewer in Ubuntu?

Launch terminal window and run following command to update APT package manager repositories. As soon as the update process complete, run following command to install the latest version for this application. Congratulations, universal document viewer ocular is up and running on your Ubuntu system now.

How do I install Adobe Reader on Ubuntu?

How to Install Adobe Acrobat Reader in Ubuntu 20.04

  1. Step 1: Update your system.
  2. Step 2: Add the i386 Architecture.
  3. Step 3: Install software dependencies for Adobe Reader.
  4. Step 4: Grab Adobe Acrobat Reader binary package.
  5. 5: Install adobe acrobat Reader.
  6. Step 6: Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  7. Conclusion.

How do I open a Xdg file?

The URL will be opened in the user’s preferred web browser if a URL is provided. The file will be opened in the preferred application for files of that type if a file is provided. xdg-open supports ftp, file, https and http URLs. This can be used inside a desktop session only.

How do I make Okular default PDF reader?


In short, if I remember correctly :

  1. Right click on a PDF,
  2. Properties,
  3. Open with,
  4. Select an app,
  5. Set as default.