How big is Linux Mint cinnamon?

How many GB is Linux Mint?

The Linux Mint operating system (without additional software or personal data) takes roughly 15GB, so give this partition a decent size (100GB or more).

How much space does Linux Mint cinnamon take?

Linux Mint Requirements

Currently for version 18.1 with Cinnamon, the requirements are as follows: 512MB RAM (1GB Recommended) 9GB of disk space (20GB Recommended)

Is 50 GB enough for Linux Mint?

The 15GB suggested above is well below the recommended absolute bare minimum needed for Linux, which is generally 20GB if you’re pushed for space. Also, you don’t need separate partitions for everything. If you don’t plan on using any of that 50GB for anything else, just let the Mint installer take care of it.

Is 30gb enough for Linux Mint?

20 GB are usually enough, 30 GB very comfortable.

How big a hard drive do I need for Linux?

A typical Linux installation will need somewhere between 4GB and 8GB of disk space, and you need at least a bit of space for user files, so I generally make my root partitions at least 12GB-16GB.

Is 10gb enough for Linux Mint?

The short answer to your question is yes, some but not a lot. You will just be limited with the amount of data you can have in your /home directory. If you plan on collecting the top ten full length movies in there, forget it. A fist full of documents, a few songs, and a few pictures, you are good to go!

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What size flash drive do I need for Linux Mint?

Requirements: A USB of at least 4 GB in size. You may also use a DVD. Active internet connection for downloading Linux Mint ISO and live-USB making tool.

Is cinnamon lightweight Linux?

The most popular version of Linux Mint is the Cinnamon edition. Cinnamon is primarily developed for and by Linux Mint.

Cinnamon, MATE or Xfce? ¶

Cinnamon The most modern, innovative and full-featured desktop
Xfce The most lightweight and the most stable

How much RAM does cinnamon use?

Performance and responsiveness. The cinnamon desktop performance has improved from the past releases but without an SSD you can feel a bit sluggish. The last time I used cinnamon desktop was in version 4.4. 8, the RAM consumption right after boot was around 750mb.

Is Linux Mint good for old computers?

When you have an elderly computer, for example one sold with Windows XP or Windows Vista, then the Xfce edition of Linux Mint is an excellent alternative operating system. Very easy and simple to operate; the average Windows user can handle it right away.