Why do you prefer iOS?

Why do people choose iOS?

The simplicity iOS provides is unbeatable. Also, Apple’s quality app and prosperous music stores have always played a huge role in their success. Apple has always scanned and kept a close check on user made apps, ensuring continuous security for all of its app buyers.

What are 3 advantages of iOS?


  • Easy to use with simple interface even after version upgrade. …
  • Good use of Google maps lacking in other OS. …
  • Document-friendly as Office365 apps allows editing/viewing of docs. …
  • Multitasking like listening to music & typing docs possible. …
  • Efficient Battery use with less heat generation.

Why do people love iOS so much?

People love iOS because Apple’s mentality towards their product line-up is different. Products were also designed to be different, but most peripherals are shared and the software that powers them keeps evolving in order to allow each device to play well with another.

Why is iOS so popular?

Because the iPhone has the functionality of a mobile phone, portable media player, game console and handheld computer in a single device, it is popular with many types of consumers.

What do you love about iPhone?

Here are 10 reasons why the iPhone beats Android.

  • iPhones are faster. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU… …
  • Better hardware and software integration. …
  • Easiest phone to use. …
  • OS updates when you want them. …
  • The best apps first. …
  • No bloatware! …
  • Works beautifully with Macs. …
  • Apple Pay.
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What is good about iOS?

iOS is generally faster and smoother

Having used both platforms daily for years, I can say I have encountered way fewer hiccups and slow-downs using iOS. Performance is one of the things iOS usually does better than Android. This seems ridiculous considering iPhone internals.

What is so special about iPhone?

The Good Things About the iPhone. 1. The iPhone enables you to take advantage of online services—particularly if they are supported by an iPhone app—for example, banking, news, music, searching for information, reading books online, email, weather, etc.

What is the purpose of iOS?

Apple (AAPL) iOS is the operating system for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple mobile devices. Based on Mac OS, the operating system which runs Apple’s line of Mac desktop and laptop computers, Apple iOS is designed for easy, seamless networking between a range of Apple products.

Why is Apple the best?

Apple offers a flawless customer experience for all the products it manufactures and has the highest end-to-end customer experience, from design to use. … Apple products are easy to use and easy to use. Apple’s software is also very easy to use and manage all your accounts from all your Apple devices.

Why is iOS so smooth?

One of the reasons iOS feels smoother than Android is because the render loop of the OS is decoupled from the app. The apps aren’t allowed to introduce jank, so if you’re scrolling a webpage and stuff is loading simultaneously, iOS will be way smoother.

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