Question: How do I distribute iOS apps without App Store?

How do I publish an app without App Store?

Publishing Your App Privately

You can either go with an ad hoc distribution, or an enterprise in-house distribution. Both of Apple’s private deployment options are distributed using mobile device management (MDM), with a link from a web page or from iTunes.

How do I distribute iOS apps privately?

From My Apps, select the app you want to distribute privately. This will show you the app’s page on App Store Connect. In the sidebar to the left, click on Pricing and Availability. Navigate to App Distribution Methods and select Private — Available as a custom app on Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.

How do you distribute iOS apps?

Distributing Your App for Beta Testing and Releases

  1. Combine Multiplatform Apps in a Project or Purchase. …
  2. Join the Apple Developer Program. …
  3. Create an Archive of Your App. …
  4. Choose a Distribution Method and Options. …
  5. Distribute a Beta Version. …
  6. Publish on the App Store. …
  7. Distribute Outside of the App Store. …
  8. Distribute Business Apps.

How do I distribute iOS IPA?

Exporting Your App to an IPA (Ad Hoc provisioning profile)

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To create an iOS App file for testing, select an archive in the Archives organizer. Click the Distribute App button. Select an export option, and click Next. To distribute your app to users with designated devices, choose the Save for Ad Hoc Deployment .

Can I distribute iOS app without developer account?

First off, yes, you do still need an Apple Developer account if you want to distribute your app in the App Store. Sorry to get your hopes up, but there’s no getting around it. The good news is that you can develop and test your apps on your iOS device without a paid Apple Developer account.

How do you distribute private apps?

To publish any private or public app, you must register as a Developer.

  1. Sign in to the Google Account that will act as the account owner for your developer account.
  2. Open Play Console to begin registration.
  3. Tick the agreement box to accept the Developer Distribution Agreement. …
  4. Go to Continue to payment.

How do you use private mode on iPhone?

Turn Private Browsing on or off on your iPhone or iPod touch

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  2. Tap the new page button .
  3. Tap Private, then tap Done.

Is it possible to make a private app?

You can publish private apps to the Play store from the Google Admin console or the Google Play Console. After you add a private app to the apps list, users can download it from the managed Play Store on their Android device.

Can you publish an iOS app for free?

Unfortunately there is no such thing as publishing an app for free; Apple and Google Play both require you to purchase a developer account, but they are not equally financially demanding. A lot of people are not happy to find out that Apple charges a $99 yearly fee to submit and maintain an app in the App Store.

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Where can I host iOS apps?

How to submit your app to the App Store

  • Sign up for the Apple Developer Program.
  • Prepare your app for submission.
  • Create your App Store listing via App Store Connect.
  • Make your App Store screenshots.
  • Upload your app to App Store connect using Xcode.
  • Submit your app for review.

How do I get the iOS distribution certificate private key?

Click on “Certificates” under the “iOS Apps” section. Expand the Certificates section on the left, select Distribution, and click on your distribution certificate. Click Revoke and follow the instructions. Click on the plus sign to add a new certificate.

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