Is Gacha club coming out in August for iOS?

Is Gacha club coming out on iOS in August?

Gacha Club (previously known as Gacha Life 2, abbreviated as GC, and GL2) is a game by Lunime released in June of 2020 for Android, followed by Windows on, and iOS in August of 2020.

Is Gacha Club getting banned in 2021?

Gacha Life is not shutting down or getting banned in 2021. There’s articles that can be found online saying it is getting banned this year, but you can easily tell that the articles are fake and nothing more than a prank.

How do I contact Lunime?

Lunime on Twitter: “@ImAPers12488316 email it to :)” / Twitter.

Who is the most famous Gachatuber?


1 Gachatuber Game
2 Luni Gacha Life
3 RosyClozy Gacha Club
4 LilyTrescot MSP Gacha Club
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