How do I transfer my Terraria world to iOS?

How do I transfer terraria worlds to mobile?

3 Answers. Currently using the Cloud you can backup both your world and your character. You select the settings icon beside the world in the world menu. Then in the menu that appears, you click backup.

Can you transfer terraria worlds from PC to mobile?

My intuition is that this is not currently possible. The mobile version is on a different content patch, but there are also quite a number of things that are mobile only. Moreover, the mobile version is made by a different developer group than the PC version.

Can you transfer worlds in Terraria?

Yes, if you wish to have both worlds on your PC (assuming that’s the destination computer), you need to rename the transferred file to “world2. wld”. Otherwise, the older one will be replaced by the newer one. You don’t have to rename it.

Can you transfer data in Terraria?

Yes, you can do so thanks to cloud saving! It is recommended that whatever slot you use on your original device be left empty on your new one so that it can transfer over with no issues.

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How do I transfer my terraria account?

Go to the documents folder in your compuet and there should be a folder called “My Games” click it an go to terraria and it will have both. Use a USB or upload it to something like google drive and download it on the other computer.

How do I get my old terraria character back on my phone?

To restore your file:

  1. Go to My Documents -> My Games -> Terraria -> Players or Worlds.
  2. Right click on the character you want to restore. …
  3. Click on the file (not the one with .bak at the end), and right click -> Restore previous versions.

Is terraria better on iPad or iPhone?

But one flaw makes the game much better on the iPad than it is on either the iPhone or iPod Touch. …

Where are terraria worlds saved mobile?

Load up your file explorer app (that has root capabilities) and direct it to the system root and there’ll be a folder: data/data/com. and. games505. Terraria/files (if you’ve bought the full version it’ll be TerrariaPaid)

How do you backup your world in terraria mobile?

Look in My Documents > My Games > Terraria, and just backup the Players and Worlds folders. You can just copy and rename them with a -old at the end or something.

How do I access my terraria mobile files?

Access Terraria mobile files within internal storage. Open “files” app, commonly found in most Android devices. Go to ‘Phone name’. Go to “Android”.

How do I save my terraria character to the cloud?

If you are playing the Steam version with an Internet connection, you can just let Steam do all that work for you by enabling cloud saving for your character. Otherwise, your characters are stored in: Windows: %userprofile%DocumentsMy GamesTerrariaPlayers. Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Terraria/Players.

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