Your question: Can you transfer Terraria characters from Android to PC?

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How do I transfer my Terraria character?

To copy a character, you will need both the . plr file and the folder that are named like your character.

Otherwise, your characters are stored in:

  1. Windows: %userprofile%DocumentsMy GamesTerrariaPlayers.
  2. Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Terraria/Players.
  3. Linux: ~/. local/share/Terraria/Players.

Can you transfer Terraria worlds mobile?

Currently using the Cloud you can backup both your world and your character. You select the settings icon beside the world in the world menu. Then in the menu that appears, you click backup.

Can I transfer my Terraria mobile to PC?

Terraria Mobile players can transfer world saves to PC version, here’s how [Android] Access Terraria mobile files within internal storage. Open “files” app, commonly found in most Android devices.

How do I transfer items from Terraria mobile to PC?

Create a character, and name it after your character on android. Save. Go to terraria inv editor. Just put all things you have on the android save with the name of your character on pc via inv editor.

Can you transfer data in Terraria?

Yes, you can do so thanks to cloud saving! It is recommended that whatever slot you use on your original device be left empty on your new one so that it can transfer over with no issues.

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How do I save my Terraria character to the cloud?

If you are playing the Steam version with an Internet connection, you can just let Steam do all that work for you by enabling cloud saving for your character. Otherwise, your characters are stored in: Windows: %userprofile%DocumentsMy GamesTerrariaPlayers. Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Terraria/Players.

Will Terraria have Crossplay?

The answer, in short, is yes, and this is due to some loopholes players can use to play with other players depending on the two platforms they are playing on.

How do I find the IP of my Terraria server?

To find out what your IP address, you can use a website like WhatsMyIp. The site will tell you your IP address at the top, and you can then give it to your friends. Hosting a Terraria server can be a surprisingly complex, or incredibly easy, it depends on how deep you want to get into things.

Does console have 1.4 Terraria?

Terraria 1.4, Journey’s End, releases on September 30 for Xbox and PlayStation. After a long wait, gamers will finally be able to play the 1.4 update on their consoles. The Nintendo Switch version of the update is still being worked on and currently has no concrete release date.

Is there going to be a Terraria 2?

Terraria 2 is to be the second installment of the Terraria series. Little is known about the nature and content of the game, and there is currently no release date. Redigit explained that while the game will have “a lot in common with the original”, it will also be “quite different”.

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