Where can I download free ringtones for Android?

How do I download ringtones to my Android?

Here you go!

  1. Download or transfer the MP3 to your phone.
  2. Using a file manager app, move your song to the Ringtones folder.
  3. Open the Settings app.
  4. Select Sound & notifications.
  5. Tap on Phone ringtone.
  6. Your new ringtone music should appear in the list of options. Select it.

Are there free ringtones for Android phones?

Search for ringtones only on free and legal ringtone websites. These include Mobile 9, Zedge, Notification Sounds, and MyTinyPhone. Get iPhone/Android ringtones and makers: Ringtone Maker, Audiko Ringtones Free, Zedge Ringtones, and Hip Hop & Rap Ringtones.

How can I download a free ringtone?

The 10 Best Free Ringtone Download Websites

  1. ZEDGE. Finding free ringtones through ZEDGE is simple. …
  2. Phonezoo. Phonezoo’s free ringtones provide you with thousands of options. …
  3. CellBeat. …
  4. Tones7. …
  5. MyTinyPhone. …
  6. Notification Sounds. …
  7. Mobile9. …
  8. ToneTweet.

Where are my downloaded ringtones?

It is most commonly found in the base folder for your device, but may also be found at /media/audio/ringtones/ . If you don’t have a Ringtones folder, you can create one in the base folder of your phone.

Is it safe to download free ringtones?

Most sources of free ring tones on the Internet offer some sort of risk. Sites like Zedge, Myxer and FunforMobile all host user content enabling people to share ringtones that they’ve created. While many users freely download from these sites without problems, files on sharing sites like these can host malicious code.

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Where can I buy ringtones for Android?

One of the easiest ways to get ringtones on an Android phone is to download the Verizon Tones app from the Google Play™ store. From the app, you can purchase and download from a broad selection of great ringtones.

Where are ringtones stored on Android?

Default ringtones are usually stored in /system/media/audio/ringtones . You might be able to access this location using a file manager.

What app gives you free ringtones?

When it comes to Android and iOS ringtones, don’t forget to visit Mobile9. It’s one of the best ringtone apps on the internet that provides the best ringtones for free. This app comes with a simple and easy-to-access interface. All tunes are sorted by category and you can easily download them with a simple click.

How do you download ringtones to your phone?

Android: Launch the Settings app, then select “Sound and notification”. Tap “Phone ringtone,” then choose yours from the list. iPhone: Open the Settings App and select “Sounds”. Tap “Ringtone,” then select the ringtone you just synced.