What happens if you shoot Kamski’s Android?

Should I shoot Kamskis android?

“Kamski’s Test” is one of the most important scenes in the game. . The dialogue with Kamski leaves you with a choice – you need to decide whether to kill or spare Chloe – an android belonging to Kamski. If you don’t shoot – the stability of the system will decrease, while the relations with Hank will improve.

What happens if you shoot Chloe Detroit?

No matter what happens afterward, if players choose to kill Chloe, Hank will always be disappointed with Connor’s decision. However, killing Chloe will allow Connor to earn the key needed to access Jericho. Throughout the conversation with Kamski, Hank consistently tries to get Connor to leave with him.

Is Chloe a RA9?

Chloe: A fan theory is that the android seen in the main menu, Chloe, is rA9. This theory is based on the idea that the Chloe model was the first perfected, so would be the first to show signs of deviancy. More support is added to this idea by the main menu Chloe’s odd behaviour as you progress further into the game.

Should I shoot or leave Simon?

If central security was alerted, Simon is injured in the broadcast room and collapses. If the player chooses to leave him behind instead of saving him or chooses to save him but fails the quick time event, the SWAT team kills him. If Simon was injured but brought onto the rooftop, the player can choose to shoot him.

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What happens if Connor doesn’t find Jericho?

Connor Series Was Decommissioned

This ending will be unlocked under several different conditions: if players don’t have enough available evidence to determine the location of Jericho, the investigation will be closed, and Connor will be deactivated.

Should u shoot Chloe?

Sparing Chloe proves your humanity; shooting her proves your machine nature, and can help your investigation immensely. If you want to spare Chloe, press X. That will turn your investigation into a bit of a dead end, but your reputation with Hank will grow.

Should I sacrifice Markus?

Marcus stood his ground and died – you can reach this ending by choosing Stand ground option twice. Then, you have to select Sacrifice. Markus dies which means that his storyline ends here. This ending increases reputation in Jericho and the public opinion.

Did Zlatko know Alice was an android?

Zlatko refers to Alice by the pronoun ‘it’ rather than ‘her’ or ‘she’, suggesting that Zlatko already knew that Alice was an android. It’s possible that Zlatko has androids working on his behalf to lure deviants to his mansion, as evidenced by the WR600 who tells Kara it’s a place where she and Alice can get help.

What happens if you spare the Traci?

Spare Deviant: After winning the fight, choose to SPARE the brown haired Traci. This results in letting the deviants go and achieves the Deviants Escaped (Ending). Your reputation with Hank will increase, as will your software instability.

What should I say in Markus speech?

You’ll be given a series of choices for what Marcus’ speech will be. To get the “Good” ending of the game, you’ll need to have a pacifist series of demands of the humans. This means focusing on android equal rights, recognition as a new species, civil rights, work, means of reproduction, and finally Peaceful.

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