What devices use Android?

Which phones will get Android 10 update?

What devices can run Android?

With Android, you can multitask like a pro on phones that flex to fit so many possibilities.

  • Microsoft. Surface Duo.
  • Samsung. Galaxy Z Fold2.
  • Samsung. Galaxy Z Flip.
  • Motorola. Razr 5G.

Is a Samsung phone an Android?

All Samsung smartphones and tablets use the Android operating system, a mobile operating system designed by Google.

Is an iPhone Android?

The short answer is no, the iPhone is not an Android phone (or vice versa). While they are both smartphones — that is, phones that can run apps and connect to the Internet, as well as make calls — iPhone and Android are distinct things and they are not compatible with each other.

Is a laptop an Android device?

(1) A tablet, laptop or desktop computer that runs the Android operating system. … Also called an “Android on a stick,” these devices are Wi-Fi enabled and can run most of the apps available for the Android platform.

Is Google same as Android?

The Android operating system was developed by Google (GOOGL​) for use in all of its touchscreen devices, tablets, and cell phones. This operating system was first developed by Android, Inc., a software company located in Silicon Valley before it was acquired by Google in 2005.

Is LG an Android?

LG PHONES. … LG launched its first Android smartphone in 2009, and its first Android tablet in 2011. The company is known for its flagship G series of smartphones and a wide range of products including smart TVs. LG’s latest mobile launch is the W41 Pro.

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