Question: How do I increase the volume on YouTube on Android?

How do I turn up the volume on YouTube?

Look for the speaker icon at the bottom of the YouTube video. If you see an X by it, the sound is muted. Click the icon to enabled sound again. When you move your mouse over the icon, it automatically expands the volume slider; move the slider to the right to increase volume.

Why is my YouTube sound so low?

When you encounter the YouTube volume low issue, the first thing you should do is to check your computer and browser volume and see whether they are mute. If so, you need to increase the volume to increase the YouTube video volume. 1. Right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar and then select Open Volume mixer.

Why is there no volume control on YouTube app?

If you notice that the volume button is turned off on YouTube videos, try the following troubleshooting steps: Make sure that sound/volume is turned on for your browser or device. Check your device’s sound settings. Restart your browser or device.

Why can’t I hear YouTube videos on my Android?

On the android device, you need to go settings and then sound to check if the sound is set to mute. If yes, then un-mute it and increase the volume either from within the settings app or from the sound buttons on the smartphone to see if the video starts audio playback as well or not.

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Why can’t I hear my YouTube videos?

If you are not able hear audio on a YouTube video the issue is system-wide with your computer/device. Confirm speakers are plugged in and powered on. Confirm the volume is turned up on the speakers. Confirm that the speakers are plugged into the correct port on the back of the computer.

What happened to the volume on YouTube?

Sound issues may also be caused by the Web browser you are using. … Restarting your browser and reloading the YouTube video is a quick way of solving the sound problem. However, if audio issues persist, clearing your browsing history and cache can also make a difference.

Does YouTube lower audio volume?

Users browse multiple pieces of content daily and don’t want to have to turn down the volume depending on the audio levels on each piece of content they consume. Currently, YouTube videos normalise their full audio mix (all audio combined) between -12db to -20db.