Is VLC player safe for android?

Is VLC Android safe?

Apart from its sleek features, VLC media is a hundred percent safe for you to download. It is advisable to download this media player from the approved site. This will keep you free from all forms of viruses. This player is not only protected from intended damages but also spyware and any other type of mischievousness.

Which is the safest video player for Android?

9 Best Android Video Player Apps Of 2021

  • MX Player.
  • VLC for Android.
  • FX Player.
  • BSPlayer.
  • Xtreme Media Player.
  • XPlayer.
  • Kodi.
  • KMPlayer.

Is VLC player safe?

VLC Media Player is a legitimate piece of software that facilitates all the tools necessary for playing media content. Although it has triggered some malware alerts, it doesn’t contain any malware, making it perfectly safe for download and installation.

Why is VLC not safe?

Whichever software you download from third-party or unauthorized sites, it may encounter security issues. … Therefore, you’d better not download VLC media player from such sites. VLC is not Safe Because of Vulnerabilities. VideoLAN had reported that there were several vulnerabilities in the program in the past.

Does VLC have malware?

Is vlc.exe a Virus or Malware? As per the information we have the vlc.exe is not a Virus or Malware. But a good file might be infected with malware or virus to disguise itself.

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Is VLC Safe 2021?

VLC Player is perfectly safe. While there would ordinarily be a risk of download malicious software when looking for software on the Internet, this version of VLC Player is only available through the Microsoft Store.

Which video player is better than VLC?

DivX is another good alternative to VLC. It can play most popular video formats. Besides that, you can use it to watch streaming videos in DivX, AVI and MKV formats through the web player. It also provides the DivX Converter for Mac, with which you can create and backup content or convert them into DivX or MKV.

Which is good video player for Android?

Top 10 Best Video Player Android Apps 2021

Download Cost In-app cost (per item)
FX Player $3.99
XPlayer $3.99
KMPlayer $1.99-$19.99
BubbleUPnP $4.69

Is VLC Media Player Private?

VLC software does not use any user account, and does not collect any user data, when working. VideoLAN does not collect any data, nor any telemetry, when VLC is being run.

Is VLC Media Player safe and free?

VLC media player

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files, and various streaming protocols.

Where can I download VLC Media Player safely?

To download VLC player, go to in your web browser. Once on the site, click on Download VLC. Depending on the browser used, Run or Open may need to be selected, otherwise, the program will automatically download, then start the install file that downloads.

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