Is it worth getting AirPods for Android?

Is it weird to use AirPods on Android?

Though designed for the iPhone, Apple’s AirPods are also compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, so you can take advantage of Apple’s wire-free tech even if you’re an Android user or have both Android and Apple devices.

What can you do with AirPods on Android?

What features do Apple AirPods offer when connected to an Android device?

  • Play and pause control by double tapping an AirPod whilst it’s in your ear.
  • Music and film audio.
  • Call audio.
  • Any other audio that would normally play through your phone’s speakers.

Can AirPod connect to Android?

Android users have an option to connect their Airpods with their phones. Apple Airpods are also the world’s most popular wireless earbuds, which give you the ability to connect Airpods with an Android device. … You will not be able to see the battery status of the Airpods.

What earbuds should I buy for Android?

The absolute best wireless earbuds for Android devices

  • Google Pixel Buds A-Series. The price tag on the Pixel Buds A-Series is unbeatable — this is a stylish little pair of budget-friendly earbuds. …
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. …
  • Beats Studio Buds. …
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. …
  • Sony WF-1000XM4 Earbuds. …
  • Master & Dynamic MW08 Earbuds.
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What are Android AirPods called?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 (Wireless Charging Case Included), Black – US Version.

Is there an Airpod equivalent to Android?

The Google Pixel Buds (2020) is a great option for Android smartphone owners who want a smart earphone experience and prefer Google Assistant. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro offer plenty of features on Android, and even more so if you use a Samsung Galaxy phone. …