How do I transfer files from iPhone to Google Drive Android?

Can you transfer files from iPhone to Google Drive?

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Drive app. Tap Upload. Find and tap the files you want to upload. To upload photos or videos, tap the photos and videos you want and tap Upload.

How do I transfer from iPhone to android?

How to switch from iPhone to Android with Google Drive:

  1. Charge and turn on both phones.
  2. Install Google Drive on your iPhone.
  3. Open the app and log into your Google Account.
  4. Tap Settings, then Backup. …
  5. It’s recommended to turn off both iMessage and Facetime, so you don’t miss any messages during the transfer.

How do I move files from my phone to Google Drive?

How to back up data on your old Android phone

  1. Open Settings from the app drawer or home screen.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Go to the System menu.
  4. Tap Backup.
  5. Make sure the toggle for Back up to Google Drive is set to On.
  6. Hit Back up now to sync the latest data on the phone with Google Drive.
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How do I sync my iPhone with Google Drive?

Tap the + button at the bottom right corner, then tap on the Add Connection icon. Select Google Drive from the available options. Follow the instructions to Sign In with your credentials. You can now access files from your Google Drive right inside Documents under the My Files tab.

How do I upload all photos from iPhone to Google Drive?

Open the Files app, tap the options button on the top right corner, and tap Edit. 2: It would reveal a toggle switch to enable Google Drive, enable the switch and tap Done. 3: Now, simply open the Photos app and select all the pictures you wish to upload to Google Drive.

What will I lose if I switch from iPhone to Android?

Apps. The bad news: Any apps you’ve installed on your iPhone won’t automatically transfer over to Android, and any apps you’ve paid for on iOS will likely have to be purchased again. The good news: These days, most major productivity apps are readily available on both platforms.

Is it easy to switch from iOS to Android?

Switching from iOS to Android isn’t as difficult as you might expect, but it may require some preparation on your part to go smoothly. It’s also easiest if you give your device a bit of a spring clean before you move.

How can I transfer data from iPhone to Android without computer?

You can also simply sync your Google Account with your Android device: Go to Settings >Users & Accounts > Add account > Enter your Google account and tap on “Auto Sync data”. In this way, your iPhone data back present on Google Drive will be transferred to your android phone.

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What app transfers data from Android to Android?

Top 10 Apps to Transfer Data From Android To Android

Apps Google Play Store Rating
SHAREit 4.1
Samsung Smart Switch 4.3
Xender 3.9
Send Anywhere 4.7

Does Google Drive Transfer apps?

Transfer Your Apps to Your New Device

When you power up a new Android device or a device that has been reset to factory settings, you’ll be given the option to restore your content (including apps) from your Google Drive backup. … “Apps” might be deselected, so tap the checkbox next to it and then select “Restore.”