How do I become a freelance Android Developer?

How much do freelance Android developers make?

The typical Freelancer Android Developer salary is ₹3,61,174 per year. Android Developer salaries at Freelancer can range from ₹1,24,438 – ₹7,02,283 per year. This estimate is based upon 5 Freelancer Android Developer salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Can I do freelancing with Android?

Android, developed by Google, is the world’s most popular mobile operating system. On Freelancer, you can hire freelance Android developers to develop a native app for this popular platform that can be distributed to millions of Android phones through the Google Play store.

Do freelance app developers make money?

In the United States, mobile app developer can earn approximately $107,000 annually, with iOS and Android developers earning slightly more. On average, freelance mobile app developers will charge $61-80/hr, and the number varies depending on background, location, and the requirements of your mobile app.

How do I become a junior Android Developer?

Below is a list of generalized requirements based on my experience being a developer and hiring Android developers, as well as researching junior-level positions.

Technical Skills

  1. Java. You should of course be comfortable with the Java programming language. …
  2. The Android SDK. …
  3. Working with APIs. …
  4. Git. …
  5. Back-end Skills.
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How do I become a free app developer?

There are several web platforms that offer online courses specifically in app development. You can even opt for free app development courses and tutorials on our own website. For example, Coursera, one of the leading providers of open online courses where you can learn how to develop a mobile app by professionals.

How do I become a developer after 12?

Candidates want to enroll in any diploma or degree courses on mobile application development have to pass higher secondary examination or class 12th with PCM as compulsory subjects. After the completion of BTech in computer science engineering, a student can make his/her career in mobile application development field.

Which language is best for Android development in 2021?

Java is the most prominent and highly employed Android app programming language in 2021. It utilizes JVM that works smoothly in every system. Most organizations prefer Java since it offers flexibility to app developers for quick and error-free mobile application development.

Are Android developers in demand?

Is the demand for android developers high? There is an extremely high demand for android developers, both entry-level and experienced. Android apps continue to grow in popularity, creating a wide variety of job opportunities. You can work either as a permanent employee or as a freelancer.

How do I start using Upwork?

How to Get Started on Upwork as a Freelancer

  1. Go to and click on “Sign Up” …
  2. Sign up using your work email address, Apple or your Google Account. …
  3. Add your personal information. …
  4. Start your Upwork profile by telling us about the work you do. …
  5. Highlight your educational background. …
  6. Highlight your past work experience.
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How do Android developers make money?


  1. Implement the right monetization strategy. Choose the right monetization model. …
  2. Sell digital subscriptions with Play’s billing system. Generate a more regular revenue stream from your app by selling access to content or features using subscriptions. …
  3. Get paid to show ads with Google AdMob. …
  4. Increase your paying users.

Is freelancing possible on mobile?

You can write articles, blog posts, website contents, ebooks, etc., for clients with your mobile phone. All you need is to be a great storyteller, fast typist, and a few apps to write with. … Here are some great writing apps you need to kickstart your journey as a freelance writer: Google Docs.