Can you get AirPods for Android?

Can you use AirPods with Android?

Apple AirPods Pro are not iOS-exclusive devices. If you’ve been eyeing those white, wireless earbuds, but don’t want to give up your Android device, we’ve got good news. AirPods pair with basically any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Is it worth getting AirPods for Android?

Best answer: AirPods technically work with Android phones, but compared to using them with an iPhone, the experience is significantly watered-down. From missing features to losing access to important settings, you’re better off with another pair of wireless earbuds.

Can I use AirPods with Samsung?

Yes, the Apple AirPods work with the Samsung Galaxy S20 and any Android smartphone. There are a few features you miss out on when using Apple AirPods or the AirPods Pro with non-iOS devices, though. … You also don’t get the same reliable audio quality from AAC on Android.

What is the best app for AirPods on Android?

: What are the Best Airpods Apps for Android

Application Airpods Android
Assistant Trigger Available on Google Play
Podroid Available on Google Play
AirBuds Popup Available on Google Play
PodsControl Available on Google Play

Do AirPods work with Huawei?

Of course you do, don’t worry! While AirPods are produced by Apple, they are actually perfectly compatible with any device with connectivity Bluetooth, including Huawei phones and tablets.

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What is Android’s version of AirPods?

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are among the best AirPods alternatives for Android. These noise-cancelling earbuds are the first to support Samsung 360 Audio, which works with Dolby Atmos-encoded content.

What can you do with AirPods on Android?

What features do Apple AirPods offer when connected to an Android device?

  • Play and pause control by double tapping an AirPod whilst it’s in your ear.
  • Music and film audio.
  • Call audio.
  • Any other audio that would normally play through your phone’s speakers.

Can I use Apple earbuds on Android?

Apple’s AirPods work best with iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use them if you own an Android phone. When paired with Android devices, Apple’s wireless earbuds can still be used to listen to music and take phone calls.

Can someone use stolen AirPods?

If someone stole your Apple AirPods, they could easily use them by carrying them out of the range of your iPhone.