Best answer: Does Google voice work on Android phones?

Is there a Google Voice app for Android?

Google Voice requires Android 6.0 and later. It’s also available for iPhone and Windows.

What phones work with Google Voice?

You can use these models of desk phones with Google Voice:

  • Polycom VVX 150 OBi Edition.
  • Polycom VVX 250 OBi Edition.
  • Polycom VVX 350 OBi Edition.
  • Polycom VVX 450 OBi Edition.

Does Google Voice work on any phone?

As discussed, Google Voice works just fine on Android and the Web, but you might be wondering if it’ll also work on an iPhone. … From the app, you can listen to voicemails, place calls, and send text messages, just as you can in the Android app or the browser.

Can you use Google Voice without a phone number?

Yes, you can. You can use Google voice on a computer for calls, although you must have a US-based phone number. The Google voice is useful and effective in connecting all your mobile communication easily.

Can you use Google Voice on a phone without service?

The short answer is yes, if you already have a working Google Voice account, you can use your Google phone number with your computer (if you use Hangouts in the dedicated Hangouts web page) or with a mobile device that has wifi or data access (if you use the appropriate Hangouts smart phone Android or iOS apps).

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How does Google Voice work on cell phone?

Google Voice is a free service that lets you merge multiple phone numbers into a single number that you can call or text from. You can set up a Google Voice account on either your computer or mobile device, and immediately begin placing domestic and international calls, or sending texts.

What is the Voice app on Android?

The Voice Access app for Android lets you control your device with spoken commands. Use your voice to open apps, navigate, and edit text hands-free.

How much is Google Voice a month?

1. Your Voice subscription

Monthly payment
Google Voice Starter USD 10 per license. For example, if you have 6 users, you’re charged USD 60 each month.
Google Voice Standard USD 20 per license. For example, if you have 25 users, you’re charged USD 500 each month.

How can you tell if someone is using Google Voice?

How can i tell if someone is on voice or text when i’m on my computer? You can see if their number is a Bandwidth number and if it is, there is a good chance that it is a Google Voice number although Bandwidth does supply numbers for other providers.

Is Google Voice going away 2021?

The process to delete Hangouts phone call history will occur through September 2021. Learn more about changes to Hangouts with Google Voice. You can no longer make phone calls and send text messages in classic Hangouts.